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We are the company with over 50-years of tradition and experience in production of iron castings, machines and spare parts.

Our motto: Best quality and customer's satisfaction

mechanical services
products made of steel and iron
iron casting foundry

To fulfill our customers' needs and wants, and to increase our product's quality we've bought new numeric cutting device: JANTAR-2...
We are searching for partners and cooperators. Please contact us and let us know how may we help you to improve your business.


88-170 Pakość, ul. Fabryczna 4
e-mail: info@notec.com.pl
tel. 052/3518-018, 3518-019
fax 052/3518-186

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We produce decorative iron casting molds such as: elements for enclosures, balustrades, rosettes, pillars, door handles, knockers and much more.

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Bearing fittings: self-standing divided , self-standing non-divided, flange fittings, fittings for ball-bearings.

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Noteć produces and delivers various shafts: smooth (light, heavy and average), stamp, ring, shield, ..

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Spare parts for power energy heating plants, such as: scaffolds, hubs, profiles, machine bodies, chains and much, much more.

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